Wood & Steel

Wood & Steel

Kenny Karr


Born and raised in Texas, Kenny cut his musical teeth on 70’s Acoustic Rock, playing bass in a family band called “True Texas” during the mid 80’s.
After moving to Orlando, Florida, he was invited to audition for the “Kim Hightower Band.”  Running through some music together, their musical connection was almost immediate, and began performing around central Florida for the next four years. In 2012, Kenny left the band, moved to south Florida, and put together his Americana band “Altered Roots”.
In 2019, Kenny ventured out to concentrate more on his solo/duo act, “Wood & Steel.” As fate would have it, coming full circle, Kenny moved back to Texas in 2021, and began booking solo/duo shows again as “Wood & Steel.” In March of 2021, he began the search for additional musicians who shared his love for “Outlaw Country-Rock and Roots.” “Wood & Steel” has hit the road running booking shows around Houston and Southeast Texas.

Krista Gene

A soul-pop singer/songwriter based out of Conroe, TX.

JB Barnett

“He is a singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas and a true troubadour at heart. After college, he spent 18 months touring and traveling throughout Australia and Southeast Asia, and this experience was the inspiration behind “Anything But Plan B”.


Often compared to the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer, JB Barnett’s music is a fusion of soulful melodies with catchy, witty and inspiring lyrics. It is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. He is the sole mastermind behind his records, writing, performing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering each track.”

Dash Rip Rock – Cowpunk Pils Beer Release Party

Come check out Dash Rip Rock during our one-of-a-kind event. We’ll be celebrating the release of a limited-edition collab beer with the band & Killer Bees Brewing. If you’re not sure if you’re a Dash fan, you’ll soon become one!

Dash Rip Rock is the legendary New Orleans trio known for high-octane roots rock. Industry pundits have heralded them as “undeniably the South’s greatest rock band” and “THE best live bar band in the world, bar none.” Bill Davis, the band’s founder and frontman, is often credited as a pioneer of “cowpunk,” a fusion of punk rock, country, and rockabilly influences. Their music is characterized by fast tempos, catchy melodies, and humorous lyrics, which has landed the band in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. Details for tickets in link below.

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Dan and Kev

Daniel and Kevin is an acoustic duo formed by members Daniel Perez and Kevin Thompson. The two childhood friends have been playing music together for over a decade. Dan and Kev have always had an aligned taste in music and during college the two started playing local Houston bars on a regular basis leading to the formation of their band “The Good Heart” for their original works.

Although the two continue to work on original music, they still enjoy playing covers at local bars and music venues throughout Houston. Dan and Kev play a variety of different genres including Texas Country, 90s alternative, Americana, 70s and 80s Rock & Roll and current hits.


IG: @dan_kev_music

JP Kendrick

“Solo acoustic musician playing an eclectic mix of rock, should, Americana and folk. A little something for everybody…”

IG: jp_kendrick_music

Ryleigh Angelina

Ryleigh Angelina’s style of music is as if The Cranberries, Alains Morissette, Shaina Twain and Stevie Nicks
collaborated with the writing styles of Lauren Daigle and Switchfoot.  She is inspired by many
different music genres which is evident throughout her songs as you will find a wide range of
melodic styles in my music.

In November 2023 she released my first studio album called “Beautiful Collide”. She has played all over
Texas in places such as Brazoria County, Houston, Navasota, and Bellville. This year she’ll be taking
her album across state lines for a mini tour of our neighboring Southern states such as
Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and more.

Her mission as a singer/songwriter is to write music that challenges our generations mindset
while inspiring us to hold onto love and hope through all seasons of life. Faith inspires my
songwriting and is evident throughout the majority of my songs.

Michelle Kay

Texas country artist Michelle Kay is a small town girl with a big time voice. With a soulful sound well beyond her age , Michelle has shared much success planting her ‘brown boots’ in the Central Texas music scene. With the privilege to play at over 30 different venues, Michelle is paving her own road to the top. Not only does she masterfully control the stage with her boisterous voice and out-going personality, Michelle Kay has a knack for writing songs of her own. To date, Michelle Kay has recorded two original soundtracks that will be streaming on platforms everywhere in early 2023. The dynamic duo of her new singles ‘Bye’ & ‘Gypsy Girl’ are primed & ready to send Michelle Kay Music to new heights.

IG: michellekaymusic