As we developed our strategy around craft beer production we always wanted the option to prepare and sell our own food either from a kitchen or our own food truck. However, we had no conviction on what to offer or how to offer it. We decided to let the “forces of nature” define our path around food.  For nearly two years, our customers have been happy to have a rotating set of food trucks assuage their appetite. However, the global pandemic of 2020 has pushed us into our own food options to augment our food trucks.  Twiggy’s currently represents our in house kitchen that provides New York style bagel sandwiches leveraging bagels, spreads and cured meats provided by the best New York bagel producers in Houston (Golden Bagels and Coffee and The Bagel Shop Bakery).  Our focus is the preparation of a bagel sandwich that meets your specifications and expectations.  Fresh and fantastic!!!  Someday, we may move on from this concept. Today, we love it.  Stay tuned.  Twiggys will evolve based on the changing currents of our “river”.


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"Great family-friendly staple for our neighborhood! Always has beautiful fresh flowers and lots of play things to distract the kids for a minute so Mommy, Daddy and friends can enjoy a drink. We are lucky to have a nice place like this nearby!"

- Amy Zolkoski Cann