About the beer

Crestone ESB

Traditional British Extra Special Bitter

Anyone that has enjoyed a pint of bitter in the United Kingdom will enjoy this ESB. We use a slate of British malts including Maris Otter, medium and medium dark crystal all sourced from the UK. While we don’t import the waters from Burton upon Trent, we do take care to adjust our water’s chemistry to replicate the mineral profile of this iconic water. Our malt and water create a copper-colored, malty beer. Three traditional British hops including Fuggles, Challenger and East Kent Goldings give it that good English aroma and taste. A traditional British Ale yeast strain is then used to ferment our wort into a fine bitter similar to those enjoyed in pubs across Great Britain.

About the Mountain:

Crestone Peak – Sangre de Cristo Range

Ranked 7th out of 53 at 14,294 feet – Elevation gain 5,700 – 14 miles round distance

Rating : Very Difficult, Class 3

Some time before 1853, trappers and traders entered the San Luis Valley (west of the Crestones) and saw some resemblance between the Crestone Group (The Needle, the Peak, and Kit Carson) and the three Tetons of Wyoming, which were the best known mountains of the west. Thus, the Crestone Group is called the Trois Tetons on the Wheeler Survey’s maps of 1877 and 1879. Crestone Peak and Needle were also once known as the Crestone Needles and as the Spanish Crags. According to Spanish lexicons, the name “Crestone” has many meanings, including “a large crest, cock’s comb, crest of helmet, or outcropping of ore.

Sunlight Saison

German Pilsner

Every brewpub needs and easy drinking, mild brew. This farmhouse-ale originated in the agrarian French-speaking regions of Belgium. Traditionally light in color, low in ABV and high in carbonation, this style was brewed for working-class villagers, farmers and seasonal farm hands. Perfect for the families of Garden Oaks!!

About the Mountain:

Sunlight Peak– San Juan Range

Ranked 39th out of 53 at 14,059 feet – Elevation gain 6,000 – 5 miles round distance

Rating : Very Difficult, Class 4

When the Hayden Survey topographer Franklin Rhoda viewed the Needle Mountains from a distance in 1874, he wrote that the range always gave his companions a feeling of uneasiness when they observed the frequent storm clouds hovering around the pointy summits. Sunlight was named by the U.S. Geological Survey when they mapped the Needles Mountains in 1902.

Massive Brown Porter

Traditional British Porter

Our brown porter combines British Maris Otter and German Vienna malts with Belgian chocolate and German medium crystal  malts to give it a rich brown color. Not as dark as a stout, just “massively brown”. Flaked barley adds a good head to any pour.

About the Mountain:

Mount Massive – Sawatch Range

Ranked 2nd out of 53 at 14,421 feet – Elevation gain 4,500 – 14.5 miles round distance

Rating : Moderate, Class 2

The mountain was named for its shape and size, and was known by its current name before 1873. The Hayden and Wheeler U.S. Government Surveys both referred to the mountain as Mt. Massive. Over the years, there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to change the mountain’s name from Massive to alternatives such as McKinley, Gannett, or Churchill.

Conundrum Grapefruit IPA

Traditional India Pale Ale infused with Grapefruit Zest

What can supercharge a double IPA more than an overloaded portion of hops? Grapefruit zest of course. We use a healthy portion of zest in the boil and fermentation process. This provides a unique, complementary grapefruit essence to both the aroma and taste of each pint.

About the Mountain:

Conundrum Peak – Elk Range

Ranked 38th out of 53 at 14,060 feet – Elevation gain 4,850 – 14.5 miles round distance

Rating : Difficult, Class 2

The mountain’s name, which denotes a paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem, comes from the creek and hot springs of the same name found nearby. Prospectors originally named the creek after finding traces of gold and following the stream upward to its source in a fruitless search for the Mother Lode..

Blanca Witbier IPA

German Wheat Beer brewed with Coriander and an extra dose of Hops

White beer (called witbier in Flemish) is a wheat-style ale from the farming region east of Brussels.  Brewed with Pilsner and wheat malt with flaked wheat to add an extra dose of haze and flavor “sharpness”. Coriander provides a complex nutty and citrus flavor. We then use more than our fair share of Willamette, Cascade and Critra hops to supercharge the bitterness levels to nearly four times the normal wheat beer style.

About the Mountain:

Blanca Peak – Sangre de Cristo Range

Ranked 4th out of 53 at 14,345 feet – Elevation gain 6,500 – 17 miles round distance

Rating : Difficult, Class 2

The name “Sierra Blanca” (Spanish for “white sawtooth mountains”) is used to designate the group of peaks that includes Blanca Peak, Little Bear Peak, Ellingwood Point, and Mt. Lindsey. The name probably refers to the snow that perpetually covers the tops of the highest peaks. Sierra Blanca was used to refer to this sub-range of the Sangre de Cristos as early as 1853, when Lieutenant E.G. Beckwith mentioned it in his report of the Gunnison Expedition. Blanca Peak is the name given to the highest summit of this group of mountains.

Longs Peach NEIPA

Mosaic NEIPA
Longs Peach has no peach!! The peach essence we strive for is invoked by the interaction of our Mosaic hops and the yeast we use. Longs Peach earned its name because of our experience climbing Longs Peak in our youth. After a full day of climbing to the summit, we were exhausted and starving. The only food we had to eat was a crushed peach at the bottom of our pack. Best peach ever!!

About the Mountain:

Long’s Peak – Northern Front Range

Rating : Difficult, Class 3

Longs Peak (Navajo: Neníisótoyóú’u) is a high and prominent mountain summit in the northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 14,259-foot (4346 m) fourteener is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness, 9.6 miles (15.5 km) southwest by south (bearing 209°) of the Town of Estes Park, Colorado, United States. Longs Peak is the northmost “fourteener” in the Rocky Mountains and the highest point in Boulder County and Rocky Mountain National Park. The mountain was named in honor of explorer Stephen Harriman Long and is featured on the Colorado state quarter.

Sneffels Black & Blueberry Milk Stout

Stout brewed with lactose, blackberries and blueberries
Our milk stout is darker than our porter. We brew it with lactose and serve it nitro style to give it a creamy head. The blackberries and blueberries included in the conditioning give it a subtle accent of two of our favorite berries we picked as kids during our summer visits to central Michigan and Northern Oregon growing up.

About the Mountain:

Mount Sneffels – Sneffels Range

Mount Sneffels is the highest summit of the Sneffels Range in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The prominent 14,158-foot (4315.4 m) fourteener is located in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness of Uncompahgre National Forest, 6.7 miles (10.8 km) west by south (bearing 256°) of the City of Ouray in Ouray County, Colorado, United States. The summit of Mount Sneffels is the highest point in Ouray County. Mount Sneffels is one of the most photographed mountains in Colorado. Mount Sneffels was named after the volcano Snæfell, which is located on the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland.