Bo Bottoms

” I’m a Houston based musician playing everything from Otis Redding to Taylor Swift, along with few of my own tunes.”

IG: Bo.Bottoms

Dan and Kev

Daniel and Kevin is an acoustic duo formed by members Daniel Perez and Kevin Thompson. The two childhood friends have been playing music together for over a decade. Dan and Kev have always had an aligned taste in music and during college the two started playing local Houston bars on a regular basis leading to the formation of their band “The Good Heart” for their original works.

Although the two continue to work on original music, they still enjoy playing covers at local bars and music venues throughout Houston. Dan and Kev play a variety of different genres including Texas Country, 90s alternative, Americana, 70s and 80s Rock & Roll and current hits.


IG: @dan_kev_music

JB Barnett Live Music

“He is a singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas and a true troubadour at heart. After college, he spent 18 months touring and traveling throughout Australia and Southeast Asia, and this experience was the inspiration behind “Anything But Plan B”.


Often compared to the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer, JB Barnett’s music is a fusion of soulful melodies with catchy, witty and inspiring lyrics. It is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. He is the sole mastermind behind his records, writing, performing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering each track.”

Jacob Asbill

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Jacob Asbill is a seasoned performer whose stage presence and eclectic set lists are guaranteed to please any crowd. With roots in red dirt country, folk, and blues, Jacob can seamlessly branch out into Seal or Spice Girls upon request, or break your heart with his skillful storytelling. Jacob was selected to perform at the 2022 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and his talent, passion, and professionalism are unmatched by his peers.