Reynaldo Vasquez

Reynaldo Vasquez

Name: Rey
Hometown: Houston, Tx
Fun fact: I first worked with Evan 5 years ago as a barback.
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Conundrum Grapefruit IPA.
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: The people I work with and the guest I meet here.

James Simmons

Name: James
Hometown: Mobile, AL
Fun fact: I fist bumped David Beckham once
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Blue Sky Maibock
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: The chill vibes

Karli Dallman

Name: Karli
Hometown: Byron, IL
Fun fact: My camera roll has more gorilla and monkey photos than anything else.
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: This week, San Luis Simpaticoe or Mountain Berry Saison
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: The decor! Shoutout to Bryson and Greggory.

Jackie Gallaugher

Name: Jackie
Hometown: Channelview
Fun fact: I am going to be a mom this year
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Conundrum Grapefruit IPA
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: I love that Walking Stick is family friendly

Amy Brooke

Name: Amy Brooke
Hometown: Sugar Land
Fun fact: I can do the worm
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Sunlight Saison
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: I love the atmosphere, the team and meeting new people

Georgina “Georgie” Solis

Name: Georgie
Fun fact: You’d never guess, but I’m secretly an introvert
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Massive Brown Porter, Pikes Peak Pilsner and all the other ones
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: The team who I work with, they’re pretty decent

Madison Fox

Name: Madison
Hometown: Salem
Fun fact: I’ve only lived in Oregon for about a year
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: San Luis Simpaticoe NEIPA
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: Meeting lots of new people, and working in a fun and chill environment!

Estee Volper

Name: Estee
Hometown: Los Angeles
Fun fact: I love to cook! I love to take “naughty” guilty pleasure food recipes and re-make them into a healthier version!
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Mountain Berry Saison
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: A Colorado inspired, unique, relaxed, beautiful space for family, gatherings, friends and date nights! I love snowboarding and hiking in Colorado, so working at walking stick reminds me of all the adventures and memories I have in Colorado!

Ben Champion

Name: Ben
Hometown: Town
Fun fact: Although i’m obsessed with cycling, boxing, and fitness in general, Im a big chess player!
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Wilsons West Coast IPA
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: Our community that we have created

Evan Rattenbury

Name: Evan
Hometown: Niles, MI
Fun fact: I’m a leap year baby
Favorite Walking Stick Beer: Castle Pale Ale
Favorite thing about Walking Stick: Beer. Fresh Air. Daylight.