Amy Brooke

Georgina “Georgie” Solis

My craft beer roots started in Dallas after a few beat buddies (I used to be a cop!) introduced me to some awesome local brews. I quit that job and jumped right into the world of craft brewing. I’ve brewed in Dallas, Hungary, and Houston!
In my spare time I rewatch The Office or The Lord of the Rings trilogy, hang out with my furbabies or tackle DIY projects at the house with my wonderful husband, Michael.

Rebecca Parkinson

Hi, I’m Becky!
I started my love of brewing at home many years ago. My husband and I brewed up quite a few concoctions, dabbled in yeast starters, and tossed in a few adjuncts, which led to a career running the cellar (cold side of the brew).
In my spare time I read conspiracy novels, love to garden, mountain bike (if you can call it “mountain” in Houston…), listen to live music, and sing badly and loudly when alone. I have a lovely and supportive family, with a zoo-full of animals at home. Did I mention I used to work at the Houston Zoo? Ask me about it next time you visit Walking Stick.

Madison Fox

Hi guys, I’m Madison! I just moved to Houston and I love listening to music, hanging out with my friends and seeing new places! Come grab a beer with me!

Estee Volper

Hey! I’m Estee. I love the outdoors and enjoy all things adventure, travel and good food. The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Yellowstone are my favorite shows right now. In my free time I like to read, explore Texas and go to the beach! I’m usually drinking a Prosecco with a grapefruit sorbet cube after my shift.

Ben Champion

Hey guys, I’m Ben! I am super passionate about cycling and race my bike in Houston and surrounding areas. Come by and grab a delicious hazy IPA with me!

Evan Rattenbury

Hey! I’m Evan and I do anything and everything I’m asked to around here. I enjoy cooking, beer drinking, loud music, and being a dog dad. Come see me for a sandwich and a day beer!

John Rafuse

I’m John! I love craft beer and exploring breweries, hanging out with my wife and our 4 crazy pooches. You can find me behind the bar every Sunday!